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Come in and feel the warmth of traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist.

We adore Italy. Our food is therefore influenced by different regions, from Sicily to Milano. Italian food is famous for it’s simplicity and the emphasis on the finest of fresh produce. Translated, cucina povera means "poor kitchen," but it really refers to the genius of poor Italian cooks who made the most of nothing. They did not waste anything, but used everything, from bones and skins to roots and leaves. The only thing they had plenty of was time and passion. So they used it to create taste. A lot of it.

Our pizza is something special…

To make pizza you need four essential components. The dough, the sauce, the mozzarella and the oven. Our dough is made with Italian durum flour and rests for two days. The sauce is, of course, home made with sweet tomatoes and fresh basil. Toppings are then added with fresh mozzarella imported from Italy. And finally the pizza enter our very own wood-fired oven. The result - a rustic, crispy yet airy, neapolitan pizza.

We are open for lunch, afternoon pizza and dinner. Be sure to make a reservation by phone or email.



08-755 07 70


Vendevägen 16

162 69 Djursholm


M 17.00-22.00

Tu-Fr 11.30-22.00

Sat 12.00- 22.00

Sun 12-21.00

The kitchen closes one hours before closing time



We have open for lunch Tuesday to Friday at 11.30 am until 3 pm. The menu changes every week so keep an eye out for updates. At La Piazza we serve our amazing salad buffet as a compliment to the lunch items. Bread and our own olive oil is also included.

Served Tuesday-Friday 11.30 - 15.00 Week 43



To tired to cook? We got you covered. You can order almost anything from our menu as take away except for our sweet desserts.But remember, everyone wants pizza on the weekends so the average waiting time can vary. Call us and we will let you know



Call 08-755 07 70 from 11am – 10pm daily, or email us on info@lapiazzadjursholm.se


M 17.00-22.00

Tu-Fr 11.30-22.00

Sat 12.00- 22.00

Sun 12.00-21.00

The kitchen closes one hours before closing time


08-755 07 70


Vendevägen 16

162 69 Djursholm 



To host a party might be difficult on your own. We offer everything from a luxurious dinner party for two to larger occasion for hundreds of guests. In addition to food and catering we can also arrange anything from marquees to the smallest of dessert forks. We listen to your wishes and requirements, propose our own suggestions and compile everything in an offer.

Are you planning a party or have any questions about our catering services?

Please contact any of the following numbers:

La Piazza phone: 08-755 07 70

Elisabet Suzor

phone: 0708 840 496

mail: info@lapiazzadjursholm.se